Executive Producers:  Sherri E. Avery

Producers: Steve Hays & Rick Park 

Editor: Steve Hays

Episode Producers: Worldwide Paranormal Teams

Host: Dani Park 

Creator: Sherri E. Avery

Real, Raw and Unscripted

12 Paranormal Teams from around the world come together to investigate the unknown in search of the truth. Experience different techniques and methodologies each week. Groundbreaking and new...there is nothing else like this on TV today.

Premiering June 18, 2021

TGS-True Ghost Stories is the most unique paranormal show in television history. Paranormal Teams from around the globe have united into the largest investigative unit in the world. Real-Raw-Unscripted ! Real local teams from their own neighborhoods, not paid actors. Raw footage of the teams searching for evidence to prove or debunk paranormal claims. No production teams, unscripted paranormal investigations…you see it as they do. Every week, viewers will be able to experience a different team, a different investigative style and different tools used by investigators around the world.