HOST - Dani Park


S.P.O.O.KS  Investigations - TEAM KANSAS

Nathan Park - Founder, Historian, Lead Investigator 


When I was younger I had an interesting experience with the paranormal that opened my eyes to a world that exists inside our own that I never previously known existed. I'm the history nerd on the team. I'm a registered member of MUFON (Mutual UFO Network), 4th degree blackbelt with the World Taekwondo Federation and an Ordained Minister. I am never afraid to go into the most undesirable places in the location that we investigate to gather evidence. The study of paranormal phenomenon, be it hauntings, cryptozoology, urology, and even conspiracy theories are my passion and I will never give up in my quest for the truth.


Dani Park - Investigator, Hostess of TGS -True Ghost Stories


I've always been drawn to anything scary and getting to experience cool and freaky things is rewarding. I have an associate's degree in general science and I am a pharmacy technician. I am married to Nathan and Rick is my father in law and Jordan is my brother in law. We are one big happy paranormal family.


Jordan Park - Investigator 


I've been interested in and been around the paranormal for as long as I can remember. I've had many experiences before and after joining the team. I'm a 3rd degree blackbelt with the World Taekwondo Federation and a huge pet lover. Like my father and my older brother, this is who we are and what we do.


Larry Buchanan - Co-Founder, Video Editor, Lead Investigator 


I've been interested in the paranormal for as long as I can remember. I am a published author and an avid photographer. I have a degree from Kansas State University in the field of Biology and I work in the field of immunology. I love being a scientist and coming up with tests and procedures to advance our knowledge. I have encountered things that ordinary people hardly ever get a chance to experience. Some of these experiences have answered major questions that I have had about the paranormal, but many have opened more doors to questions that I have never thought about. 


Rick Park - Co-Founder, Tech Manager, Lead Investigator, Director for TGS - True Ghost Stories 


I am a U.S. Marine Veteran and father of 2 amazing sons along with my wonderful supportive wife. I was introduced to the paranormal at the age of 10 and ever since then I have always been interested in finding more answers. I lived in  a house for 12 years that was occupied by an old woman in a blue dress. I saw her every day, but I didn't interact with her. I'm the "senior" investigator of the team. I'm more of a father figure and a voice of reason to the rest of the team. I am a licensed electrician, a certified electrical apprenticeship instructor in the State of Kansas, 3rd degree blackbelt with the World Taekwondo Federation, certified NAUI scuba diver, and a public speaker. I enjoy getting to go places the "general public" doesn't get to go. I had an ambition to be a police officer when I was younger so I guess this is my way of investigating the crime scene and helping others.



David Barrett is a Paranormal Investigator from Scotland and part of the team Project Paranormal. He has investigated thoroughly throughout Scotland and England, as well as having investigated Bran Castle in Romania, and Leap Castle and Charleville Castle in Ireland.  He has also investigated locations in the USA.  Having had his second book published not long ago, he is currently working on writing his 3rd book. 


Karen Barrett is a member of Project Paranormal.  She is an investigator and also David’s wife.  Having also Investigated throughout Scotland and England, she also enjoys discovering new, untapped locations and researching the history.  


Julie Matthews has always had a fascination with the Paranormal.  She has enjoyed being out on investigations and is looking forward to the future investigations.  Having had a long interest in witchcraft, she is currently researching further into the field.


Deborah Stark has been sensitive to spirits since childhood and is able to sense when spirits are near.  She is also emphatic.  Deborah works with angel and tarot cards.  She enjoys researching the history of the locations and reviewing our evidence. 


Chelle McLachan is also sensitive to spirits.  She is enjoying our investigations and looking forward to many more.  


Jay Stark is the youngest member of our team, and is also Deborah’s son.  He too is sensitive to spirits.  Always keen to join us on investigations, he is looking forward to joining us on our future locations. 



Eric Huff - Technical assistant-Investigator - I am 38 years old, and I have lived Near Bancroft Mi my entire life.  I have experienced some paranormal activity when I was younger, such as objects moving or shadow figures that would move so fast that you could hardly see them.  Even as an adult, I have witnessed much paranormal activity, and decided I wanted to help people, and that’s when I met Jeff & Denise Checker and the Demon Hunter Society, a non-profit organization, and through the organization I get to do what I love and help people who are in need.  My other interests include raising show dogs, working outdoors, and
exploring throughout the woods in the back of my property.

Jeff Checker - Director - Team lead. Investigator. Ordained Minister. Author4 time winner at The Paranormal Awards 2014, Team of the Year, Rites of Exorcism, Best EVP, and Best Picture Evidence. I am an ordained minister, and author of the paranormal, with books on Amazon. I have been dealing with the supernatural since the age of 9, when I had my first experience with a demonic entity trying to set my hair ablaze.  I have studied Demonology, as well as the Bible for numerous years. My Doctorate is in
Biblical studies, and I have earned a Master’s degree in Christian counseling.  Malevolent cases are my specialty, and I thrive on helping others’ kick the devil square in the teeth. Demonic exorcisms and house-blessings round out my skill-set, as I always try
to offer my clients help in any manner possible, including baptisms, outreach programs in the clients community, etc.  I enjoy target shooting, exploring the outdoors, hiking, weight training, and working with computer software.

Denise Checker - Co-founder and InvestigatorI have 23 years of medical experience, and I also have spent the majority of my life.  Having supernatural experiences.  I am not afraid of what goes bump in the night. I long to help others battle against the dark forces that appear in their lives and homes, and I help my husband and team-mates As they also fight the good fight.  My hobbies include walking, swimming, attending fairs, flea markets, and old car shows.

Nathan Smith - Technical support and Investigator - I am 38 years old, married and a father of 2.  Work, college and family keep me very busy, as I am an RN studying for my Doctorate.  My passion for the supernatural came about when I was young. We lived in an old farm house and almost everyone in my family had experiences that left us wondering what was happening.  Jeff Checker is my uncle, and I enjoy helping him in his quest to help others.  Videography, hunting, fishing and weight training are hobbies I enjoy, and also love to go help kick malevolent spirits out of peoples homes!


Lolli website pic.jpg

Lolli Hughes

SRIP 1.jpg
LeeAnna Jonas.jpg

LeeAnna Jonas

LeeAnna Jonas - Founder/Team Lead

With a passion for the unknown, it has driven me for years since my first sighting of an apparition at age 10. Seeking the truth using my years of knowledge, being a sensitive, and using scientific equipment to try and explain and prove we are not alone. In every aspect of the paranormal, using an open mind, but also a skeptic. I am driven as a type A personality, well organized and professional. Fun and crazy at times, but always putting the team first. Using metaphysical believes and practices, non provoking and respect for the spirits. Lets face it they were all people just like us!


Lolli Hughes  - Team Historian/Investigator Sensitive

As far as my background goes, I have a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in History from the University of Notre Dame and a Master’s of Science degree in Education from Texas Wesleyan University. In addition, I have been a teacher for twenty years and have taught pre-school autistic children all the way up to university undergraduates. I am certain these things will help me as SRIP’s team historian! Most importantly, I count my blessings every day that I have a daughter and a son who never cease to make me proud. 

I’ve believed in the spirit realm since I was very young. Tragically, I lost my mother when I was just 18 and then had my first truly paranormal experience with her spirit the next year. In all honesty, I was very frightened and it took a long time before I felt comfortable with the event. After a bit of time had passed, I began to have more ethereal experiences and found the peace and courage I needed to handle them. Now, I embrace every opportunity to make contact with our non-corporeal friends, relatives, and even strangers! I feel lucky and honored to be a part of Spirit Realm Investigative Project, and I look forward to a long and productive partnership with these incredibly talented women. I’m so excited to share these adventures with them!



Pamela Southwood -  Co/ Founder, Lead investigator. 

I love searching for the unknown. Trying to find proof that ghost are real. 

This is something I've had a strong interest in since early childhood. When I was around 4 years of age I saw, An elderly woman sat in a chair in our back room. This woman had sadly passed some 10 years prior to me seeing her. From that day it’s been my passion to explore what I believe in. To find the truth!!! 


Aaron Robinette - Tech Co/Founder 

I am always constantly developing new methods in order to document paranormal evidence. Co Founding member of Sefton paranormal along with my mum Pam and lead investigator during public events.

Editor and cameraman on filming locations. 

I have had an interest in paranormal from a young age. Hearing and seeing a young girl at a house I lived in as a young child.

Alan - Lead Investigator 

I have been lead investigator with Sefton paranormal for 10 years. I was once described by someone as the serious one! well I will accept that,because when it comes to the Paranormal I am really serious as to what I do. I have had some experience over the years,some explained some frightening! My goal is to continue searching for ghosts,spirits,and to catch this on camera to show the world that life after death really does exist.

Julie - Investigator                              

I am now a Core Team Member for Sefton paranormal, Over the years before be coming an investigator I was witnessing strange things I could not explain what was going on around me. When I started the Ghost Hunting as a member of S.P.I.  I became aware of what was going on in my life knowing now it was Paranormal Activity. As of today am more Sensitive to Spirit. 


Lifting Spirits Paranormal.jpg

Carla Hehir - Founder of Lifting Spirits Paranormal Society.  Psychicmedium, empath, clairsentient, automatic writing, remote viewing . (Tour Company, Investigations, House Cleansings). Featured on numerous radio shows. Reader for national network and Facebook group. "Lifting Spirits with Angel Readings."  Bachelor's Degree (Science of Psychology), Published author currently of 4 titles. "Self Cleansing Religious Poems", Blessed and Knowing",  "A Womans Cry for Gods Help While Living with A Monster", "The Paranormal Through The Eyes of An Angel".


Deacon Chapin - Psychic /Premonitions/ Empath.  Worker at Board of Education I have worked for the Board of Education for 10 years now. I am married with two children. At a very young age, I would witness strange phenomenon in the homes I resided. Not only could I see dark shadows, dark mists. and apparition formation, but also experienced full body levitation of myself. My family with whom I shared the residence , would try to ignore the encounters, but for me, they would never go away. I then began to see visions of people and events. Some of these people were familiar to myself, while others were not. Some of these events that would occur in these visions, were traumatic. For instance, I would perceive an individual getting struck by a car and the location it occurred.My visions would prevent these events from happening, once I located the individual and told them about my vision. Some were skeptical and did not follow my instructions of avoiding danger. Others, that believed, were saved from despair, suffering, anguish and even death.


Daniel Hehir - Teams Minister/ Camera Man/ Audio Man/ Editor.  Associates Degree in Science Daniel is a fearless man of faith, and a compassionate lover of people. Christian ministry is his first love. Being called to help lost souls cross over, he has set out for Greatness. And that the evidence of that greatness, might help others to believe.


Georgia Paranormal Files 1.jpg

Lisa Shackelford - Founder and Lead Investigator of the Georgia Paranormal Files; Former co-host for the Archer Paranormal Show on LiveParanormal.com and wrockradio.com.

As a child, Lisa loved ghost stories and would write her own and do her own illustrations. When growing up in Mississippi, she lived in a house with a lot of unexplained paranormal activity.  After years of questioning her experiences and getting advice from known experts in the field, she continued to research and learn.  Keeping her research and experiences close to her heart, and believing that we do live in a supernatural world, she knew that somehow she wanted to study the paranormal and help others.

Lisa has investigated private residences, businesses, the infamous Pollak Hospital, a farm, cemeteries, a hundred year old jail in South Carolina, a local historic theater, the Congress Hotel in Chicago, the Windsor Hotel in Americus, GA, Hales Bar Dam in TN, Allatoona Dam and a Civil War battlefield. Her favorite place to investigate is an abandoned hospital in Tennessee, the Old South Pittsburg Hospital.

Lisa completed all six levels of the Anastasi System of Psychic Development and she is clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient and can also channel to reach those on the other side. 

You can follow Lisa on Twitter @HauntedFA and read her blog on www.HauntedFlightAttendant.com


Paranormal Conspiracy.jpg

Paranormal Conspiracy brings together a diverse group of people, all of whom are united by their dedication to furthering people’s understanding of the paranormal.  Each member brings a different set of skills and viewpoints to the team, thus giving us a well rounded, experienced team. Each member plays a crucial role in bringing you the best paranormal experience around.  Our mission is to provide our viewers with evidence and explanations regarding the paranormal.

Eric Paquette Sr - Founder - was born and raised in Manchester, NH.  Growing up Eric experienced many different events that eventually led to his interest in the study of the paranormal field.  In 2006 Eric starting experiencing many strange and unexplainable happenings in his own home. He started investigating with friends and family and eventually formed his own team with his wife to help other people who are having paranormal experiences.  Eric seeks to give his clients peace of mind and understanding of the events that are happening. Eric has investigated many different locations such as cemeteries, restaurants, mansions, office buildings, libraries, ships as well as private residences. He has investigated with many different teams over the years including NH Paranormal Afterlife, a team that he co-founded with his wife and Paranormal Conspiracy for which he is one of the Founders.  He has also formed a production company, Nightmare Productions, with Charles Caron. Eric has appeared on various networks over the last few years; sharing his experiences and knowledge with all his viewers. When Eric is not filming for Paranormal Conspiracy he enjoys spending time at home with his wife and 7 children.

Charles Caron - Co-Founder -  is a NH native.  Charles starting having paranormal experiences after the passing of his mother when he was 11 years old.   This fueled his desire later in life to explore the paranormal field. He reconnected with an old friend who was already in the paranormal field and joined his team, NH Paranormal Afterlife, as tech support.  His enthusiasm and dedication eventually led to him becoming a lead investigator on the team. In 2016 Charles formed his own team, NH Paranormal Research. He is also Co-Founder of Paranormal Conspiracy along with Eric Paquette.  Charles has investigated many different locations such as cemeteries, restaurants, mansions, ships as well as private residences. He is also Co-Founder of a production company, Nightmare Productions, with Eric Paquette. When Charles is not filming for Paranormal Conspiracy he enjoys spending his time with his kids and family.

Rebecca Paquette - Case Manager -  has lived in NH her entire life.  She is Co-Founder of the team NH Paranormal Afterlife with her husband, Eric Paquette Sr.  She is both the Case Manager/Researcher and investigator for NH Paranormal Afterlife. She continues her role as Case Manager/Researcher for Paranormal Conspiracy.  She has had many different paranormal experiences over the years. She has a knack for research and enjoys finding information on various locations. When she is not busy with the paranormal she enjoys spending time with her family and friends.

Cathrine Caron - Tech Support -  was born and raised in NH.  She first became interested in the study of the paranormal when she started experiencing paranormal activity in her home in 2016.  She decided that she wanted to learn more about what she was experiencing and joined a paranormal team, NH Paranormal Research, to future her understanding and interest in the paranormal.  She has worked with all different types of equipment over the last few years and is well versed in how to use all equipment to help catch evidence of paranormal activity. She has been to various locations and is familiar with the different needs when filming in different environments.  In her free time Cathrine enjoys spending time with her kids and family.

Bryan Coulombe - Tech Manager -  has lived in NH his entire life.  At first he was skeptical about the paranormal field and wasn’t sure if he believed in it or not.  However, due to his knowledge and skills with all things electronic he was given the position of tech manager for NH Paranormal Afterlife; which was founded by his father, Eric Paquette Sr.  Over time he has changed his view about the paranormal and now is a believer. He has trained many different people when it comes to using paranormal equipment and other electronic devices. His knowledge continues to grow and he is always learning and adapting equipment to meet the needs of the teams.  When he is not doing paranormal work he has his own landscaping business that he runs.

Eddie Acosta - Photographer/Tech -  was born and raised in NY.  He was first introduced to the paranormal field in 2013 when a longtime friend asked him if he would be interested in helping him while he went on paranormal investigations; he then joined his team called NH Paranormal Afterlife.  From that point forward he discovered a passion for uncovering the secrets of the paranormal world. He has proven to be a great asset and very knowledgeable in the paranormal field and the equipment used to try and confirm or debunk paranormal activity.  In his free time Eddie enjoys working on vehicles and spending time with friends and family.



Sonia Isabel Gonzalez- Founder, Director of Navarra Paranormal, investigator - .Since childhood I have had a relationship with the spiritual world thanks to my mother. I have always been able to perceive what others rarely can and at first I was very afraid, until I began to understand better everything around me. I created the Navarra Paranormal team with mi husband and I decided to train academically, obtaining the titles in: Master in Parapsychology, Researcher of the Paranormal Phenomenon and Research Technician in Demonology. I'm in charge of managing my team and together with them I want to share with everyone these incredible phenomena from beyond.

Mikel Lafuente- Co-Founder, Video Editor, Lead investigator - I´ve always believed that death is not the end of our path, since I was a kid I thought there had to be something else. When I met my wife I had the opportunity to create with her the Navarra Paranormal team to try to discover the answers to these unknowns. Next to her I lived my biggest paranormal experience when our bed began to move with us, he was Isabel's father trying to get our attention… I´m a Si-fu of Wing Tsun Kung Fu and a lover of motorcycles.

Felipe Mendes- Camera, Investigator -  Born in Brazil and emigrated to Spain from a very young age, I come from a culture where religious beliefs are very strong, where people firmly believe in a life after death, in the spirits and even in some areas of the country Santeria is practiced among other things in order to contact the beyond, I have always been very skeptical, but as a child I suffered a couple of events that made me rethink many things, and of which made me arouse my interest in the paranormal. I am a great passionate about motorcycles and the world of motor in general and bicycles, I am very adventurous and I like strong emotions and I'm not afraid to throw myself into it. unknown, I like everything related to ufology and conspiracy theories. Despite being skeptical, I want to believe and above all I want to see it.

Natalia Lassa - Investigator -  My name is Natalia Lassa and I am 21 years old. I was born on August 12, 1997 and live in Pamplona, Navarre but grew up in a northern town. I love nature, being with my friends, watching shows and playing video games, although one thing I really love is writing. Since I was a little girl I liked the mystery and the paranormal stories and it has always attracted me. I had a very quiet childhood. It was in adolescence that this attraction to the spiritual world became stronger. He started out curious and ended up becoming obsessed. I know there’s something else.

Anastasia Labuza - Investigator -  When I was child I didn't know when I was feeling the paranormal experience, but after my cat died I started feeling her jumping and walking in my bed late at night. I understood everything. After this event many things developed; I started having dreams about catastrophes: earthquakes, tsunamis or fires... This things don’t usually happen. When I was young I understood paranormal or mystical things. One day I was studying at home when I felt somebody and I told him to go away. Later they told me that a friend of mine had died. That moment I knew it was him coming to say goodbye. There were some periods of time when I didn't sense anything. Now days I'm in a fantastic group that films paranormal activities. I'm surprised because I love this things and I feel that I’m closer to this mysterious world.



John K. Head, M.D. is the team’s founder and “spirit guide”.  He was raised in the South, and obtained his bachelor’s degree from Centenary College in Louisiana and his medical degree from L.S.U. He spent most of his career as an ER doctor. He had his own family practice and urgent care clinic in Bradenton, Florida. He was exposed to the paranormal early in life and as a result, he developed a deep passion for the spiritual world. “Doc” passed on March 2, 2018, he remains a part of the team in spirit.

Terri Rohde is the case manager and lead investigator. She moved from Connecticut to Florida in 1973. She obtained her bachelor’s degree in
Education from USF and her master’s from Nova Southeastern University. She works as an author, librarian, teacher and medical assistant. She's been attempting communication with the spirit world since she was a child.

Tracy Watts is the production manager and investigator. She is a sixth generation Floridian. She obtained her bachelors degree in Education and
master’s degree in Library and Information Science from USF. She began her career teaching emotionally disturbed children and presently works as a library media specialist. Her first paranormal experience as a child occurred less than a mile from the team’s home base


Explorers of Spirit Phenomena was founded in 2009 by Dr. John Head and Terri Rohde. ESP’s mission is to bridge the gap between the
living world and the spirit world. We embrace the opportunity to explore spirit phenomena.

 ParaResQ Paranormal - TEAM MISSOURI


ParaResQ is a family based investigation team located in the Kansas City Metro Area.  Our main goal is to offer help to those in need, both people as well as spirits.  Service is in our nature, a life-time Military family, and almost everyone in the family is either an EMT or Paramedic.


ParaResQ was formed when we realized our investigating was taking too much time away from the family.  We combined our family and our shared hobby into one so we could do what we loved - together.


Steve - Founder, Lead Investigator, TGS US-Team Director, TGS Principal Editor 


Alicia - Co-Founder, Lead Investigator, Sensitive 


Brooke - Investigator


Riley - Investigator


Austin - Investigator

 NWPR NorthWest Paranormal Research - TEAM IRELAND


Síomhaith Ní Daimhéad
I have always been interested in the spirit world and even when I was a small child I could see spirit and talk to them , some things I saw scared me so I really blocked it out , I got married and have 3 great sons who are all in there 20s now , I really got into the paranormal field again when the boys got older , I love going out on location and with our team , when we get evidence of spirit I'm so excited and it keeps me wanting more , I love it when your evidence gets verified by our researchers on team , I never want any information on the location as it could interfere with what spirit tell me , it's great to help spirit who are trapped to release them to heaven.

Simon Burke
Ever since I was young, I knew there was something different about me. Being in a silent room, but could still hear people talking. But, always being interested in the paranormal, be it ghost stories, or movies like Ghostbusters. It was only later on in life when I lived in my grandmother's house I realized that I could hear people who had passed on. I didn't know what I could do with this, but when I met Síomhaith that we formed a group and decided to do good.

Jackie Nimmock
Jaxc, teams First aider and Empath in training.
I am Spiritual, from a Christian background. I have always been open minded  believed in my guardian angel. All the Angel's and the saints and a higher power, that have guided me to where I am today. I believe in life after death, that lost souls wander the earth. Trapped by things that they have yet to complete or held here by unknown entities, fears or beliefs. I hope to assist in freeing as many of these trapped souls as I can.
I have always  had a close connection to animals and nature, practice healing with Angel's,  I have always felt energies around me, and the more I get out with my paranormal family the stronger I feel I am becoming, and the more I believe and trust what I am feeling.   It is a great feeling to go in blind (not knowing anything about the area) to a new site and feel/tell a story - get a name that is then verified by out team researcher. Or historical documentation that is available from someone on site.   Looking forward to many more investigations with the team. We have shared some wonderful personal experiences together and toughed it out through some not so nice situations together. It is nice to be in a team that we all trust each other like family and have each others backs.

Mark Diver
I have always been fascinated by the paranormal for as long as I can remember,  loved X-Files and any show that dealt with paranormal  I"m a true believer that their is another side to this world when we die it's not the end, its just the beginning.   My first real experience with paranormal was in 2005 boxing day night to be exact, I was at a local bar watching football and as I was leaving I asked for 2 bottles of beer to take out   I got into a taxi and went to local grave yard to visit a friend of mine who just passed in March that year, it was a very cold and wet night. I remember opening the bottles and turning one upside down in my friends grave and took out my tobacco box and made 2 rollies  I don't know what happened after that but I woke up about 30 mins later and I was about 100 yards from my friends grave I heard voices a woman's voice and a man's, they asked me was I ok and they told me they would walk me to end of the road.   I was not afraid as they were kind to me and as we walked down the road to end of the graveyard they said "you'll be ok now just go home",  it took me about 5 mins to walk home as I lived close to graveyard, as I got in, my wife asked were I was I told her and she didn't believe me as my clothes were dry and it was bucketing down outside, I told her I was telling the truth.  I then put my hand in my pocket to roll a cig and realized  I'd left my tin at the graveyard.  Next morning the wife and I went to the grave yard and there it was still sitting beside the grave and as it was open all night the contents were still dry.  On further thought thinking who the people could have been I remembered the girl had a red coat on and I realized that this was my late sister and have always wondered could the male have been my younger brother all grown up now? I"m  49 yrs old, married with 2 beautiful children aged 16 and 12.    I was involved in search and rescue for 2 yrs and really enjoyed when we found mispers alive the sense of relief you get and the joy for the family but not so nice when you get a bad result.

Catherine Boyle
Hi my name is Catherine I'm married with 2 children.  I've been interested in the paranormal since I was a child I always went to the local library and got as many books out on the paranormal as I could and spent hours reading them.since I have begun my journey into the paranormal realm I have seen and heard some unexplainable things.  I love searching for new places to investigate  I have a passion for old castles and graveyards.i enjoy learning about the history of haunted locations.our team is like family to me and we all get on so well.its a great team and I'm glad to be part of it.i may be a clown at times but I take what we do seriously and look forward to many more investigations.